Sunday, January 28, 2007


On the night of 29th December, I had the following dream:

Vampires are coming tonight and my sister and I are going to have to deal with them somehow. The evening is approaching and I quickly try to put the animals out of doors -- a dog, a cat and a small deer -- but they keep getting back into the house again. Then all of a sudden the sky goes very dark -- an unexpected solar eclipse is happening, and my sister and I note grimly that this means we are in for 36 hours of darkness.

Now my sister is still downstairs in the house, but I am upstairs in a dining room, and the vampires are all assembled around a large table. They're excellent company and I enjoy being with them, I feel quite at ease chatting and joking with them. They all seem to assume that I am on their side and am going to become a vampire too. I ask whether there will be any kind of ceremony when I become a vampire, and at this they look rather uncertain and say that well, they hadn't actually prepared anything because they weren't sure in advance that I would really be willing to become one of them. More vampires keep arriving as I go around the top floor of the house locking all the windows and doors. I don't know myself whether this is to keep intruders out or to keep the vampires locked in until help arrives; and I also don't know whether I am really going to join them or am just playing along in an attempt to act as some kind of decoy and save my sister. I feel very ambivalent about the vampires altogether. On the one hand I get along very well with them, especially with a young dark-haired female vampire who wears a knitted black beret and whom I find extremely charming and attractive. On the other hand my sister is still downstairs and, well, after all they are vampires. I want to send my sister a text message to let her know that I am still alive at least, but I don't want to make the vampires suspicious by getting my phone out, and in any case I don't know what else to say to her about what is happening.

While I am upstairs with all the vampires checking the doors and windows, I have to go to the toilet. I am menstruating heavily and need to change a tampon; in fact the tampon has leaked and I get a lot of blood on my hands while I do so. While I am cleaning up a couple of male vampires come into the bathroom and start chatting casually to me, which does not seem at all strange or intrusive to me. I show them a handful of toilet paper which has some menstrual blood on it, very thick and dark; I am uncertain of the etiquette of this around vampires, but am pleased to discover that menstrual blood is considered a great delicacy and they are very keen to take it.

Waking up from this dream the following morning, I went downstairs and sat drinking tea surrounded by a lot of books and papers which were haphazardly strewn about because for several days I had been busy re-organising my bookshelves. I idly picked up an old Swedish Surrealist zine from the 1980s that was lying on the top of the pile nearest to me, and it fell open at a short text called "Landskap av det vampyriska skötet".

Not understanding any Swedish, and only able vaguely to recognise the words “landskap” and “vampyriska”, I emailed the author to tell him that the text had appeared to me in this way after I had dreamt of vampires. Without telling him anything else about my dream, I asked him what the text was about. He replied that it was not particularly about vampires at all in fact but about quite another subject: cunnilingus.

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Matthew Rounsville said...

Good detail on your dream account. I once had a dream where I looked out of an open window at night, and shadows were running in circles around my home. My first instinct was to collect my family into a single room, then to grab a knife and go room to room looking for the shadows (which themselves were sharp and angular). Nothing happened until I got back into my room. I looked out of the window again, and I could see that the shadow people were running faster and faster in a circle around the house. As this was happening the exterior walls were being stripped, and soon the entire house had no walls, looked like a house that was being built. The shadows disappeared and in the framing around my room was a liquid that appeared to be a sort of oil sheen, highly visible in the sudden morning.

A week or so later, I came back from class, and there was a discoloration to the carpet in one of the corners to my room. I removed the wall panel to discover that between the walls a vast amount of a pinkish-orange mold had formed. I was forced to remove all the wall panels to my room and its adjacent rooms, over the next couple days, and remove the mold.