Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two new SLAG publications

To celebrate Patrick Hourihan's solo exhibition in London earlier this summer, we are pleased to announce the publication of OBJECTS OF SLEEP, a full-colour collection of more than 60 of Patrick's paintings, drawings and collages.

OBJECTS OF SLEEP is available to buy in hard copy, and is also available as a free pdf download.

We are also pleased to announce the public release of Paul Cowdell's SCINLACE, a collection of Paul's recent photos, drawings and collages.

SCINLACE is available to buy in hard copy, and is also available as a free pdf download.

Note: Both of these publications are from Head Louse Press, the imprint we produce through the print-on-demand site Lulu. Head Louse Press is strictly not-for-profit, and all of our hard-copy book prices are set at the lowest permitted by Lulu.

KLIDONAS issue 5 out now!

Our comrades in the Athens Surrealist Group have just published issue 5 of their journal Klidonas, featuring games, reports and reflections on the meeting between SLAG, the Athenians and the Stockholm Surrealist Group on the theme of Surrealist Survival Kits.

Friday, September 07, 2012

I dream of the blonde beast

I dream of the blonde beast with the uncivil procedure, his scaled stains spilling onto his hands and feet between the arcing pillars of an inept and stumbling veterinary surgeon who worked with shadowy and surgical drinks to bring about turning a dog into a ventriloquist Trojan horse until the summer bristled like a hedgehog, pattering on the pendulous lamplit breasts hanging into the tapestries that flake and fall like tired almonds into the golden pool of cheddar and soft-boiled maggots, so delicious that they cried out for more in the late night through an open window where 6,500 interviews were conducted weekly to offer agency to animals and young ladies who have literally nothing better to do.
Merl, Patrick, Paul, Wendy