Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Swiss rolls manipulating the solar system by means of jetpacks
Membrane pleasing your clock with marzipan
Flowing upwards through a cross-section following a trail of
Clocks through the cross-section of a trampette


Iris falling asleep waking up the third time though an oil film going around the corner
Pulling down the moon in Genever

Josie Malinowski, Mattias Forshage, Merl, Paul Cowdell
South Bank, London, Friday 17th August 2007

Machine exterior view by Paul

Machine cross-section by Mattias

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two found poems

The magic words

porker refrain
early childhood publication
olwulinate war woweler
safety, olpolltier
colour, numbers
Boots unoyopius sontans
nectturle oupopolopuls
"          "          "
"          "          "

Rules of the inn, 1786

No thieves, fakirs, rogues, or tinkers.
No skulking loafers or flea-bitten tramps.
No slap an’ tickle o’ the wenches.
No banging o’ the tankards on the tables.
No dogs allowed in the kitchens.
No cockfighting.
Flintlocks, cudgels, daggers, and swords to be handed to the innkeeper for safekeeping.
Bed for the night - 1 Shilling.
Stabling for horse - 4 pence.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Rocks of Bawn

A mossy coastal scene (WC2), found by Paul while Urban Rockpooling

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Color, Luscious Color

Alternative title: Mississippi Jane
the erotic alter ego of Springfield Jack

Friday, August 10, 2007


As a postscript to/continuation of the Festival, Chris McClarren has issued the following invitation to play the Bioerotic Love Letters Game:

To better smash the internalized oppressive behavior of just focusing on human beings and liberate our inherent and most marvelous tendency to fall in love with everything and anything, this game is played by expressing your erotic experience of and love for anything and everything - praying mantis, burping, sun rays, red-headed woodpeckers, moons, farting, wildflowers, laughter, hair, your big toe - any phenomena or creature that inspires you. Express yourself with words, images or a combination. Do a group love letter to something. I often ask friends to write these kind of letters for special events and share them. I turn them into zines and/or paste them around the city.

Chris intends to play this game every day from now until Friday September 14th , and she invites the Surrealist world at large to play along with her.

To include your own Bioerotic Love Letters in the Festival album, please send them to us no later than midnight on Friday September 14th.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Springfield Jack

The erotic alter ego made by Justine from objects found by Justine, Merl, Nacho, and Paul.