Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Psychic Portraits

Game devised by Jonah, Merl, Patrick and Paul

Each player in turn draws onto the same sheet of paper with their eyes shut.
The players are permitted to see what the others have drawn as the paper is passed around, but must keep their eyes closed when it is their turn to draw.
The paper is circulated until all the players agree that the drawing is finished.
Each player then produces a written interpretation of the image.

Jonah: We are the flames, and our dreams are stained by the entrails of horses.
Merl: A hanged man is pursued by arse-biting owls while a flying horse eats hay from the manger of the crescent moon and a turkey dances a mating dance with a pouncing cat.
Patrick: Whispering lines spreading their shadows searching for a hidden song.
Paul: The glove-eyed mouse is chasing a horse, sawn through, over flaming rocks, while a child is lassoed by stern-faced dogs and narwhals swim against the tide.

Jonah: The creature had a dead look; as if it lived and failed, as if a stake had been driven through its mind, its heart become sawdust.
Merl: The pineapple has grown wings and claws and become a triple-breasted eagle with the head of a Scottish headmaster.
Patrick: Whimsical wings sprout and flap to fly and lift the one-eyed head.
Paul: Drill through to the heart of her quivering flesh and her claws will grip, and her tail will speak.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Poe on Wight

The elderly creep away there to die. When they are on the brink of death they are encouraged into the iron lady. As it closes around them, their dying breaths are amplified and played across the waters.
Josie, Merl, Paul