Sunday, January 22, 2006




slag (WASTE) noun [U] waste material produced when coal is dug from the earth, or a substance produced by mixing chemicals with metal that has been heated until it is liquid in order to remove unwanted substances from it
See also slagheap

slag (WOMAN) noun [C] UK VERY INFORMAL DISAPPROVING a woman whose appearance and behaviour, especially sexual, are considered unacceptable

We are delighted to announce the formation of a new surrealist group in London: the Surrealist London Action Group.
This group has been created by former members of the London Surrealist Group, and its arrival on the scene means that there are now two surrealist groups in London -- not in competition or rivalry with each other, but as complementary projects working side-by-side.
To see more examples of work by members of the SLAG, visit La Belle Tenebreuse
For further information about the SLAG or to request a copy of our manifesto, email


Surrealist London is a city that will always remain to be invented

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