Monday, August 20, 2007

Two found poems

The magic words

porker refrain
early childhood publication
olwulinate war woweler
safety, olpolltier
colour, numbers
Boots unoyopius sontans
nectturle oupopolopuls
"          "          "
"          "          "

Rules of the inn, 1786

No thieves, fakirs, rogues, or tinkers.
No skulking loafers or flea-bitten tramps.
No slap an’ tickle o’ the wenches.
No banging o’ the tankards on the tables.
No dogs allowed in the kitchens.
No cockfighting.
Flintlocks, cudgels, daggers, and swords to be handed to the innkeeper for safekeeping.
Bed for the night - 1 Shilling.
Stabling for horse - 4 pence.

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