Saturday, November 17, 2007

Her boot cast aside as she made for the water

by Paul Cowdell


Anonymous said...

This makes me feel quite breathless, as if it's almost too delightful to exist. For a moment it reminded me of that powerful Magritte painting with the changed feet/boots. But that didn't hold, because this picture is so much itself. But I can almost see her, I think perhaps I can!, damn!, her branches wiggling all about as she rushes right in. Oh boy, I love her!

and you saw her, not me, but i bet she has an amazing ass. Take a picture of her ass, Paul! Oh, pretty please!

Paul Cowdell said...

Got wood?

martin marriott said...

Of course I have! But there's no such thing as too much wood!

Just send me the picture of the ass, goddamit!