Monday, December 03, 2007

A small incident of objective chance

Yesterday Juan Carlos Otaño (of the Surrealist Group of Río de la Plata) lightheartedly wrote to Merl in an email:

"We await the CD of the Festival as wolves await the arrival of Jonathan Harker."

He did not know at the time that for the past few weeks Paul Cowdell and Merl have been re-reading Dracula together, and that this weekend we had just reached the part of the book where a wolf escapes from London Zoo, and Jonathan Harker is terrified to see the Count walking along Piccadilly.

The re-reading of Dracula was probably one of the reasons why Merl had also dreamt of wolves in arctic snow on Saturday night.

2 comments: said...

is argentinian wolfman in london?

MR. Persembe/Thursday

Merl Fluin said...

You know, I think I might have seen him staring at a girl in a big hat outside Giuliano's the other day.