Saturday, January 26, 2008

Under the Wolf Moon in San Francisco

On Tuesday night it rained in San Francisco, which kept Sasha Vlad indoors and all the local werewolves hidden. But in a moment of objective chance he found this collage, which he had made exactly a year previously for Ludwig Zeller on his 80th birthday. As Sasha himself said in his email to Merl, A pretty good coincidence, don't you think?

The Banquet
collage by Sasha Vlad

Another pretty good coincidence: the day after sending Merl this collage, Sasha unexpectedly received an message announcing that the Ludwig Zeller website will go live on 1st February.


Unknown said...

Mr. Vlad a certain N. Hendricks misses you and your art terribly. Please contact us.

Anonymous said...

Please contact me at