Thursday, March 20, 2008



martin marriott said...

Is this a collage? Not that it matters, in a way. It's very fucking funny!

Being the, err...eternal optimist, I try to identify with that little light blue bit, an' such, just to the left of the number 4. Could this be our heroes, undaunted beavers, still on the loose and determined to get through this?

Oh, say it's so!

Merl Fluin said...

It is, in fact, a 100% genuwyne photo, taken during a dérive SLAG made on the day of the last anti-war demo here in London.

You can rest assured in the meantime that our beavers are very much undaunted.

martin marriott said...

The fact that it was taken under the spell/impact of an anti-war action seems... well, it just keeps getting better, doesn't it? Somebody could have scratched their head for a month to come up with what you found by our famous friend Chance.

Oh, just for others. I guess everyone knows that if you click on a picture, then you get a bigger version, so you can dig around in it and discover stuff for yourself. I wouldn't really have known, unless I'd clicked, just how barren the capitalist world is, and the viciousness of what they do, and also just how cute those London beavers are. They are YUMMY.