Sunday, June 01, 2008


SLAG invites you to join efforts in the third London International Festival of Surrealism. This will take place from Monday 18th to Sunday 31st August, not just in London but all around the world. For these two weeks we will be celebrating the spirit of the Surrealist Revolution, playing all sorts of games and conducting investigations into collectivity.

As in previous years, the Festival is not for passive consumption, but requires your active participation, wherever you are. A few weeks before the Festival, we will circulate details of the games and events proposed by contributors. To this end we invite you to submit your proposals to the usual address by Monday 14th July so that we can collate them. We welcome proposals for games, investigations, enquiries, dérives, experiments – in fact, any collective pursuit which will further the Surrealist adventure. After the Festival, the results will be collected into an album and distributed to all contributors.

We hope that you will join us for these two weeks of the Festival.

in rivers & streams & lakes
in bookshops, junk shops & markets
in pubs & bars
in parks & gardens & woods
in trains, planes & automobiles
in cafés & restaurants
in cemeteries, wasteground & abandoned sites
in the streets
online & offline
everywhere & nowhere
... anywhere other than inside a museum, art gallery or lecture hall.

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