Monday, September 01, 2008


It's not over until we've turned the sea to lemonade...

During the last two weeks our friends and collaborators around the world have joined us in the various games, dérives, enquiries, experiments, dreams and deliria which have comprised the third London International Festival of Surrealism.

As in previous years, SLAG will be compiling an album of material produced during the course of the 2008 Festival. In the spirit of potlatch we will gladly accept for the album all photos, reports, texts, images, audio files, enquiry results, dreams, film shorts, etc. etc. - any material that has resulted from Surrealist activity during this year's Festival and which is sent to us in a genuinely Surrealist spirit. The final deadline for sending all material to us, at the usual email address, is Sunday 12th October. Copies of the album will be presented to the all contributors – and
only to the contributors – later this year.

In the meantime, keep your bridles unfastened and your brides unlabelled.

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