Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The Night Lady

Once upon a time there was a home in the old Italy countryland,
Where by a wall, there was a cupboard filled with plates and
That used to most times of the year, shake without any grace
And let drop every plate and glass on it against the floor to break.
That house, who everyone in town thought to be possessed by
Became one time the home of a man,
Who in time, at the shaking and breaking became scared,
Dreamt that by that wall was a Lady Woman imprisoned,
She being therefore the cause of the terrible shaking and breaking.
So then that man, without fear, took with him a large knife and inserted with fiery into the wall and left it there.
But soon one night he dreamt again with the Lady Woman,
And she beg him to release her from the knife and she will go.
The man then did so: the knife that stayed inside the wall got taken away and the Lady Woman flew away and there was no more since then any more shaking or breaking. End.

The Glove

Once upon a time there was man who walked by the river side of town
Every afternoon in the summer.
But one day he saw a body floating close to the bank…a dead man body.
The walker man hurried up and called up the police and the police came and the walker man helped the policemen to retire the dead body out of the water and to bring it to dry earth. In sort, the body was taken away and the walker man never forgot about the happening. What the walker man did not forget was that the dead man wore gloves on his hands.
Many weeks after the occurrence that became news everywhere, the walker man went outside his home to cut the grass, and by his surprise, he found a glove, and that was the very same glove that the man at the river bank was wearing! The walker man took it and threw away in the trash wishing not to see it again. Many weeks again after that, the walker man cut the grass in his garden again and found a glove, the very same one that dead man wore! Then feeling sacred and supersticious, then he took the glove with him and decided to go to the river bank to return possibly the glove where he thought it belonged. The glove flew over the water and felt on it and shrank. The walker man returned home and he never ever ever saw the glove again. The end.

This story is a real story told by a retired History teacher who happened to be the Walker Man.

Carolina Díaz San Francisco

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