Sunday, May 03, 2009



Baby baby listen,

This mule or black defiant horse, whatever the way you see

Went one day to dig a city, the city of the Dead and of Music

To find the Mystères that feed the life.

Very happy the first day but not for long

Because emptiness had, the horse felt, overtaken the streets

No Mystères anywhere to be seen or heard

Instead cowardice and bla bla blas….

Oh! How sad the horse really felt! And she shouted: They are gone with the glorious past!


But our horse kept looking

The roots of the essence

Of the place that bore music and magic


And not much waiting needed, only the passing of a dark night,

That the next morning to a house the horse went,

The almost forgotten house of an old wise creature that happened to know

About the Mystères…and that they weren’t gone,


Hidden yes, but never gone! Yes, one must look hard


And then the horse very happy went, feeding and feeding the belly with

Stories of orgies around a fire, of Snakes Gods,

Of Beautiful Women courting the married,

Of eternal memories written on bones,

Of knocking at the doors in the City of the Dead,

About wishing and pledges,

 Of rythms’ birthplaces….. and our horse got the Feast!


That night happened that our horse got to know

That she and her party have been watched  and awaited

By a Queen, a descendant

Who opened the door of The Temple

Who called out the Elders, dancing with her voice and a drum,

And The Snake

Initiating our horse to the New Highest Life!


Details of how everything occurred

Are the Mystères.


The end

 Carolina & Tobias

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