Friday, November 20, 2009

Belgrade 6 charged with international terrorism

News has been confirmed that the six anarcho-syndicalists from Belgrade, arrested and held in confinement since 5th September, are to be tried for international terrorism. They face 15 years in prison. They are accused of being the authors of graffiti painted on the Greek embassy on 25th August, and of having thrown a petrol bomb which only damaged a window. The fact that the comrades deny that they had anything to do with these events clearly does not worry the Serbian State in its obsession to find someone guilty. Indeed, from Paris to Belgrade, the international police are all very much alike… They must have had the same instructors…

So, the comrades are being charged with international terrorism. For the immediate future this means they will remain incommunicado in jail for at least several months.

Those comrades who are still free are trying to see if there is any way to appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, the worst case scenario has now happened. The battle will be long and difficult and these comrades will need all our support.

Lawyers’ fees will obviously be extremely high, so anyone who wishes to contribute financially to solidarity efforts can send a cheque made out to the CNT AIT, with the words “Solidarité Belgrade” on the back, to the following address:

108 rue Damrémont
75018 PARIS

Information from the Free the Belgrade 6 website, which can be visited for continuous news updates on the case and information about the campaign.

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