Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Occult Panopticon

High spirit of brine
overlooking this doll-size panopticon
Only parts of his face coming visible
Occultly visible
and soaking in brine
for seven years and seven nights
with limitless supplies of dried fish
I am not a doll!
they had all tried that argument
and gotten a glass of brandy for comfort

Mattias, Merl, Nikos and Paul

Wednesday 9th March


Anonymous said...

This is really amazing!!!


Julia Riber Pitt said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe this one should have had an explanation of the game/setting/method?

Just because we were sitting in the Jeremy Bentham pub, it seemed natural to interpret the strange portable shopdesks of the street vendors on vintage photographs on the wall of the pub as a kind of portable panoptica, and the drawings would emphasise that. But why the hell there should be an occult goat deity watching, which we were positive about, I can't recollect or reconstruct...