Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The night fed snakes in her arms
and their jaws rattled lightly like castanets
in the cold
'And what a chore this is that you ask of me young man'
I thought as I chewed
'You look shiny'
this is what the captain of pedigree told me in a friendly manner as he fizzed
as it has been written
Whatever the case, my greasy look did not stop comparisons
which all proved to be against me
And against you
And Againstyou
It's enough to pull your hair
and then cut it
When I grow melancholic I start shooting penalties

* The meaning of this word was instantaneously recognised by D.S.

Yiannis Golfinopoulos
translated by Alexandra Halkias

Yannis performed the original Greek version of this poem during the 'Surrealist Survival Kits' public event in Athens on Saturday 4 June 2011.

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