Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Thatcher's Tomb Game

To mark the occasion of Thatcher's funeral, we invited some of our friends to tell us what gift or offering they would like to leave on her tomb. 

We are proud to present the corpse with the following:

A statue of the Grim Reaper vomiting into a bucket.

A cylinder of helium with which to inflate her corpse and fly it above Battersea Power Station.

An object:
[in this new economy of mass production of famine, both physical and of the mind, we are entering a new stage of living - subvival. it is time to find new ways for a combative sharing]

A pile of cat shit above her head, and the remaining urine-soaked cat litter scattered over the tomb.

A very large map of Equatorial Guinea, on which the severed penis of her son has been most ceremoniously laid.

A Coal Not Dole badge.

 Twelve piercing rays from the Brixton sun.

Nine cages of various sizes painted in the seven colours of the rainbow, book-ended by black and white; each cage will contain a big, framed photo of her face, one from each decade of her life, all of them seriously smeared with shit. (Each cage may also contain an alarm clock, all set to ring very noisily in succession, at one-hour intervals, from 12 midnight to 8am.)

Her tomb will be filled with gallons of icy black water, in which silvery South Atlantic fish, glittering with burning oil from wrecked and plundered ships, can dart and play between her petrified bones, chased by penguins with their throats slit by hired assassins. Sheep will graze on the lid of her tomb, shying away from the slick and toxic waters.

Paul Cowdell, Merl Fluin, Sandra Guerreiro, Nikos Stabakis, Wedgwood Steventon, Theoni Tambaki, Ika Österblad
with some additional inspiration from Christian Anderssson

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