Sunday, November 02, 2014

The restorer

Septembers game in the What Will Be almanac.

1. After putting their hand into the cloth sleeve covering the items, to make an inventory of the objects and structures they have felt; to describe their first impressions.
2. To combine the tactile percepts, and the associations and analogies they conjured up, into an imaginable whole.
3. To try to identify which of ten presented pictures was the bias for the artists tactile interpretation.

PD’s drawn response and KW’s written response to the insides of Patricks bag:

My finger brushed a cold eyelid. Layers of hair extending infinitely, being brushed and making waves. Organs emerge from this tangled mass; a creature coming up for air from the murky depths. To the surface. Body parts float. But the hair stops them from climbing out and putting themselves back together. Forever kicking and re-tangling.

And here is peeping Tom, whom Patrick had in mind whilst making the bag. From a selection of images:

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