Saturday, December 19, 2015

Divination Cards

This project began when one of us was struck by the divinatory character of a found object. A photograph of the object was circulated at a group meeting, where it was identified and named as a divination card.

This became an open-ended project to assemble a deck of such divination cards. There was no attempt to force discovery. When discovered the object was photographed, and the divination card was then titled by other members of the group. (That the discoverer could not also name the divination card was the only strict rule applied). The result is this deck of 18 cards.

A River of Eyes


Reptilian Brain

Six Sad Sisters

The Butcher's Altar

The Coachman

The Empty Suitcase

The Fallen Cyclops

The Ferryman's Boat

The Green Man Imprisoned

The Joker

The Medicine Chest

The Minotaur

The Organ Capsules

The Portal

The Puppet Ghosts

The Toymaker

The Wheel of Fortune

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