Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Photo by Merl

Back by popular demand!

SLAG regulars and friends will be Urban Rock Pooling in London on Saturday 3rd March.

For further details and/or to join us on the day, email

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Matthew Rounsville said...

wish I could be there. On a long walk yesterday through the countryside, I came upon a bridge over a stream. There was a wooded area along the stream to my left, which, being 'sinister', is always the first direction I trust (!), so I look down, and, in a shoal of rocks, I find growing a primitive sea creature, some 11 miles from civilization, with many multicolored buttons, a long tail, and a large toothless jaw. On it was a tattoo that said, "Canon". Later that night, I watched Terry Gilliam's "Tideland", which had a portion devoted to the world underwater, which includes husbands and wives and children and people and castles and houses and dogs.
Those who proclaim that nature is a "mechanized order" would be appalled to find my canonfish, that defies all known laws to biology.