Sunday, April 15, 2007

WRIGGLE (found poem)

Photo by Merl

And Jesus rolled a little chilli unto him

exchanged this life for immorality
to the death of his saints

a faithful rind, a mother dear
who followed her
not lost but gone by ore
dungeon of the above
until the gay speak and the shadows flee away
her end was peace at best

having served his generation according to the well of food
aged seven weeks was interfered with at the friends burial ground
reported drowned in China seas to the laughter of Thomas Shore

his languishing head
borne with exemplary patience
screamed with the precious head of Christ
to live in the hearts we leave behind

shine as the stars for ever and ever

Debbie, Justine, Merl, Rosa and Rowan
Abney Park Cemetery
14th April 2007

Photo by Merl

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