Sunday, July 29, 2007


Respect MP George Galloway was ordered to buy a new pair of boots last night as he clashed with the Speaker in a debate of his superior.

In fiery exchanges, Mr Galloway sought to defend himself over his alleged bad taste for shoes. Anti-Iraq war campaigner Mr Galloway accused the Standards and Privileges Committee of hypocrisy and acting unjustly because he constantly argued he only had a pair of shoes when he met Saddam Hussein.

With reference to the recent debate on his taste for shoes Mr Galloway said “Being lectured by the current House on the question of my shoes is like being accused of having bad taste by Donald Trump.” He added “I don’t believe any of the parties here have ever been asked where they get their shoes from.”

The debate was triggered after the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow was censured by the Standards Committee for “excessive” use of taxpayer-funded facilities to buy new shoes.

Standards Commissioner Sir Philip Mawer said the former Labour MP had “consistently failed to live up to the expectation of good taste” during the four-year enquiry.

News story in The Metro, 24th July
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