Monday, July 30, 2007


After the Festival

The Festival is over!
Or is it?

During the last two weeks our many friends and comrades around the world have joined us in the various games, dérives, enquiries, experiments, insults and outbreaks of hand-to-hand combat which have comprised the second London International Festival of Surrealism.

The Festival "officially" ended at midnight, but we know that many festivities are still ongoing and even in some cases are only just getting underway.

As most Festival participants already know, SLAG will be compiling an album of material produced during the course of the Festival this year. In the spirit of potlatch we will gladly accept for the album all photos, reports, texts, images, audio files, enquiry results, dreams, film shorts, etc. etc. - any material that has resulted from Surrealist activity during this year's Festival. The final deadline for sending all material to us - at the usual email address - is Friday 14th September. Copies of the album will then be presented to all of the contributors in the autumn.

In the meantime we send playful greetings to everyone who participated during the Festival; warm thanks to everyone who has already sent us material for the album; and encouraging innuendoes to all the festive folk who are still playing, which we hope and suspect to mean everybody ...

World Domination
Part of the series Dark Chocolate Coulage: Visions of the Semi-Sweet
made by Eric W. Bragg
during the London International Festival of Surrealism 2007

To see the rest of the series on Eric's Surreal Coconut website, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Your festival inspired me to play over here in Portland, OR, USA. I devised a new dice kit which now features three di that are used to select words, objects, number of steps taken, or whatever, which then builds a final text or experience. I also had something of an objective chance marathon for several days, which was humorous and profound. Cheers, Shibek