Sunday, December 07, 2014


A found Koala, a child’s backpack. We each took turns sculpting inside the Koala an organ from play-doh. Then passed the Koala to the person next to us who would remove the organ and interpret it:

Patricks dissection…

Howling voice echoes through empty chambers. A sad song.

 Black tongue. Waving and whimpering its riddles to hungry ears.

Piece of flesh with blood vessel, crawling to find a place where it can hatch, grow and become part of.

Merls dissection…

Strictly speaking this is not an organ, but an intestinal parasite that lives in the gap between the two kidneys. It produces a hormone that stimulates feelings of fear, particularly while the Koala is asleep.

This obviously sexual organ has no reproductive function while attached to the Koala, and is an organ purely of pleasure. However, on the Koalas death, it detaches itself from the body and burrows into the soil, where it self- fertilizes in a fungal manner to produce an enormous mushroom that is very delicious to eat.

This is the sphincter through which passes the koalas desire. At midnight precisely, it contracts and spasms to expel a great spurt of longing, sometimes so intense as to cause real physical pain. It also makes an unpleasant swooshing-gurgling sound.

Kirstys dissection…

Sightless Organ. Person gazes into the eyeless socket. And imagines what the Koala sees. This organ is located behind the eyeless socket and travels/ends at the dead-end of the belly button/ the empty inside of the Koala. The connection of two sewn up holes. When gazed into it slyly absorbs the unseen sights of sightlessness. Back and forth, back and forth, un-digesting/un-absorbing, powered by the imagination of the gazer and the proportion of their desire, that is sight aimlessly passed from sewn up hole to sewn up hole. Back and forth back and forth. And so the sightless organ attached to the spinning organ is set into motion and begins to spin faster and faster producing manic heat which gives this soulless, sightless, Koala the appearance of being a living thing, the appearance of looking back from the sewn up socket. That misleading heat produced by the spinning and animated by the cyclic dead-end of sightlessness. And the gazer who has sent in all this squandered sight and imagination and desire grows more and more a believer that his/her sight has been returned! And so more and more sight is invested, devoted to this sightless Koala and so the spinning organ spins more and more profusely as the back and forth, back and forth of the sightlessness manifests and carves out from its innards and through its excitement an inverse heart. All red, empty and bowl-like.


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