Sunday, December 07, 2014

Time-traveller’s potlatch

Novembers game in the What Will Be almanac

‘Each participant indicates the gift that he or she would present to various historic figures on the occasion of their meeting. Thus, each player in turn can nominate an historic figure and all of the players then write down their response. Once all of the responses are written down and the round completed, they are read aloud within the circle.’
Results of game:

Jules Verne
Patrick: Empty glass cabinet

Merl: The head of an octopus mounted on a stick of rock

Kirsty: I knock on Verne’s door, he doesn’t answer. So I ring the bell. He eventually answers. I give him…nothing.

Robert Louis Stevenson
Patrick: glass of ink standing on a silver tray.

Merl: A diaphanous veil of golden sand, draped across the breast of a small boy wearing a snorkel.

Kirsty: I sing him a song backwards. A love song. And leave mud from my shoes on his carpet.

Patrick: Pair of golden underpants.

Merl: A huge bucket of offal, dusted with icing sugar.

Kirsty: Laughter running in circles producing a ring of smoke on the carpet.

Patrick: His own magpie parlour 

Merl: A litter of puppies

Kirsty: Leaves that have been sliced into minute fragments by the fingernails of a distracted person. 

Julius Caesar
Patrick: A blue sports car

Merl: A potted yucca plant inside a tar barrel at the bottom of the ocean

Kirsty: gasoline in the eyes and a box, gold gift-wrapped, to put the charred eye lashes in.

Betty Boop
Patrick: A book for her to write down her dreams in.

Merl: A big ripe smelly wheel of Brie.

Kirsty: An invitation and pre-paid flight to OUR real world. And the colours of this. 

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